Welcome to our school of traditional 功夫 Gōngfū!

Our teacher, International Master Dou Wanchun, is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Chan Wai Kowk, inheritor of our lineages of Northern Shaolin and Choy Li Fat systems. Master Dou Wanchun is the only official representative of Grand Master Chan Wai Kowk for Central and Eastern Europe. In previous years, he trained in the United States and Brazil. He has taught in North America, South America, and in the Czech Republic. His students come from all over the world: the U.S.A., Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Peru, England, Azerbaijan, Russia, Israel, Argentina, China, Japan, and beyond. Master Dou Wanchun has taught us, in the Czech Republic, since 2001, by way of: biannual seminars, monthly specialized clinics, bimonthly workshops, training camps, elite instructors' classes, and daily classes.

Traditional Kungfu (傳統功夫 chuántǒng gōngfū) is the transmission of successful martial arts combat skills, honed in actual life or death situations, in a continuous chain of teacher to disciple tutelage, for hundreds of years, generation after generation, since the creation of the system itself. The skills taught are geared toward practical usage and not competitive sports. The aim is not only to control the technical aspects of training, but also to understand them and know how to use them in real combat situations.

Each person's training starts gradually and skills develop according to each person's rate of progress. We are not all the same, so the speed of learning is individual. Each person has his or her own pace of progress. The goal is not only in athletic performance, but in achieving overall personal development through regular exercise. The path of Kungfu is the path of perfecting the body and spirit.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join our classes. A one-time introductory lesson is offered during any of the trainings from Monday to Thursday. The introductory lesson is free to try. Come see or speak with us directly and workout! Classes are year-round. For more information write to: akademie.wugong@gmail.com or call: +420 605 441 254.